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Manufacturer Overview

TecQuipment designs, develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of products for engineering education. The company is well known as a leading provider of technical teaching equipment for schools, colleges, universities and industrial training centres worldwide. TecQuipment’s products are robust and designed to withstand long term, heavy laboratory and classroom use. This ensures reliable operation over many years and a high standard of teaching and learning

Product Overviews

  • Aerodynamics – TecQuipment specially designed the Aerodynamics range of products for teaching. We placed emphasis on ease of use, reliability and safety. Whether used by lecturers to demonstrate aerodynamic basic principles or advanced ideas, or by students for project work, the educational equipment gives valuable hands-on experience. This experience is not always possible or practical with large-scale industrial or complex research facilities.
  • Control Engineering – Control is an essential feature of modern engineering systems. Aircraft, motor vehicles, shipping, production lines, oil refineries, manufacturing and domestic equipment all depend on control systems and sensors. Engineers need an understanding of modern control engineering principles, based on a solid foundation of theoretical and practical training. TecQuipment’s Control Engineering range offers a wide selection of innovative and well-proven equipment, providing reliable, safe and practical solutions to control engineering teaching.
  • Engineering Science – The TecQuipment Engineering Science Range consists of 18 experiment kits in fundamental Engineering Science topics common to most mechanical engineering disciplines. This includes the study of forces, moments, friction, materials science, vibration, gears pulleys, chains and mechanisms. The system is modular, and each kit does numerous experiments making the system flexible and great value for money.
  • Fluid Mechanics – When TecQuipment was established in 1958, fluid mechanics products were among the first pieces of equipment that we developed. They quickly proved our reputation for quality, reliability and service. Over the years, we have constantly updated and improved the equipment and the range has grown in line with customer demands and the latest teaching techniques. The modular format of experiments for teaching fluid mechanics, as originated by TecQuipment over 50 years ago, is still as popular as ever.
  • Materials Testing – TecQuipment’s Materials Testing and Properties range has been developed over a number of years to fully support modern engineering degree courses. The high-quality, robust construction of the equipment makes it ideal for the laboratory environment. It provides long-term performance and reliability to give dependable, accurate results every time.
  • Renewable Energy – As a long-standing designer and manufacturer of technical teaching products for engineering, TecQuipment recognises the importance of renewable energy. Therefore, we created this new section to concentrate on unique renewable energy technologies. Initially this concentrates on solar energy, with developments planned for wind and tidal energy.
  • Statics Fundamentals – The statics fundamentals range comprises of a series of simple yet stimulating experiments that each fit onto a common work panel. The experiments are quick to setup and simple to use. The experiments cover all manner of topics related to static equilibrium, this provides a useful foundation for further experiments covered by the Structures (STR) range.
  • Structural Engineering – TecQuipment’s modular Structures range offers a cost-effective, flexible teaching system that we believe is the most advanced product in its field. The range teaches basic principles to more advanced theory. It has 19 desk-mounting hardware experiment modules supported by full automatic data acquisition, and TecQuipment’s powerful and popular Structures Software (STRS).
  • Theory of Machines – An awareness of the way machines work is fundamental to most engineering courses. Students need to understand the principles of mechanical advantage, cams, vibration and mechanical movement to give them a solid foundation of knowledge about mechanical system behaviour. TecQuipment offers an outstanding selection of quality products to teach the principles and theory of machines.
  • Thermodynamics – TecQuipment developed its Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer range alongside educationalists and students. It offers an extensive selection of high-quality, robust equipment. All products in the range have advanced educational performance to meet practical thermodynamics experiment needs effectively and safely.
  • Versatile Data Acquisition System – The Versatile Data Acquisition System (VDAS) is a modern, cost-effective automatic data acquisition system for use with TecQuipment’s teaching equipment. VDAS is a digital system which is easy to setup, easy to use, fast and accurate. It gives real-time data capture, fast recording, calculation, charting and data export.
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