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Motor Controls International

Manufacturer Overview

Motor Control International was established to meet the needs of industrial training in the areas of electrical wiring and motor control. The founders have over 45 combined years of industrial training experience in training, sales and design. All systems are designed and manufactured in-house using industrial standard components.

Product Overviews

  • Residential Wiring – The Residential Wiring Training System is used to teach basic and advanced residential wiring principles following the National Electric Code. This training system will equip your students to wire houses from rough in to finish, as well as outside lighting, door bells, smoke alarms and vent fans.
  • PLC Trainers – Motor Controls International offers two systems to teach PLC programming. These systems may be used to teach basic or comprehensive PLC programming, advanced sequential programming, process control, symbolic programming, PanelView, and speed control using a Variable Frequency Drive. These systems will practice students for job tasks that are frequently performed in production.
  • Pneumatics – The M.C.I. Pneumatic Training System has been designed using the latest pneumatic technology from SMC. One look and you will see that it doesn’t look like the other pneumatic trainers on the market. You will notice the rodless cylinder at the top that carries the vacuum cup, the double rod cylinder as well as the twin rod cylinder. The text lab manual walks students through the fundamentals of pneumatics and pneumatic circuits.
  • 3 Phase Motor Controls – The M.C.I. 3 Phase Motor Control Trainer uses “Real World” components to teach motor control. The components are industry standard components. The curriculum guides the student through basic start-stop functions through reversing, jogging, Hand/Off/Auto and timer functions, as well as audible alarms and signal lights, always stressing safety.
  • Advanced Control – The M.C.I. ES-9000 Motor Control Training System is a “real world” approach to teaching motor control the way it is used in industry. This system is designed for the student to design, build, and wire an industrial control panel. Through this process the students will not only learn motor control, but also how to build and wire a professional quality panel.
  • Real World Trainers – With M.C.I.’s line of Real World Trainers, your students explore three phase “real world” applications using single phase power. Power control applications begin with basic contacts and build through reversing starters, timing and sequencing operations.
Motor Controls International
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