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Manufacturer Overview

MegaTech’s involvement with the auto industry dates back to 1970. For over 40 years, MegaTech has developed oilless, multi-fueled engines, electric dynamometers, and training programs for all areas of ASE certifications, including hybrid vehicles, diesel and alternative fuel programs. MegaTech has successfully delivered product to 30+ countries, 4,000 public and private schools, U.S. Military training centers, auto industry training facilities for GM, Saab, Ford, American Honda, KIA, Subaru, BMW, Mack Trucks, and others.

Product Overview

  • Automotive – MegaTech offers a variety of training programs within the ever changing automation industry. Training programs include Engine Performance, Electrical/Electronic Systems (CAN Bus & Hybrid), E-Learning (PC Based Systems), Brakes, Suspension & Steering, Heating & AC, Manual Drivetrain & Axle, Automatic Transmission & Transaxle, Engine Repair, Hybrid Technology and Fuel Cells.
  • Truck/Diesel – MegaTech offers a variety of training programs to prepare users to work on the Truck/Diesel sector of the automotive industry. Those training lessons include Light/Mid Duty Diesel, Heavy Diesel, Truck/Heavy Diesel, Truck Breaks and Mobile Hydraulics.
  • Alternative Energy – MegaTech offers a variety of training programs to prepare users for a career in alternative energy industry. Some of the training programs include Solar Photovoltaic Trainer, Wind Power Trainer, Geothermal Turbine Trainer, Hydroelectric Trainer, Desktop Alternate Fueled Engine, a Biodiesel Engine Program and many more.

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Automatic Transmission Transaxle
Engine Repair
Heating AC
Hybrid Technology
Manual Drive Train Axle
Suspension Steering
Engine Performance
Electrical Electronic Systems

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Heavy Diesel
Light Mid Duty Diesel
Mobile Hydraulics
Truck Brakes
Truck Heavy Diesel
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