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Manufacturer Overview

For over 30 years Marcraft has been producing electronics, computer, IT and mobile electronics training programs that excel in the classroom environment. Their comprehensive out of the box learning solutions, outstanding instructor support materials and customer service, and state of the art curriculum and hardware design combine to make Marcraft solutions the most cost effective and easiest to implement programs in the world.

Product Line Overview

  • Cyber Security Essentials – Marcraft Cyber Security goes well beyond traditional network security. The 180 hours of illustrated theory, integrated with step-by-step hands-on labs with equipment will prepare students to challenge the ISACA Cyber Security Fundamentals Certificate Exam. Marcraft will provide students with the essential knowledge and skills to become cyber security professionals.
  • Cyber Security Endorsements – In addition to the 90 hour RESI BASIC certification program, students can also specialize and earn endorsements in any of four, 45-hour specialty areas including: Enterprise Network Security, Industrial Security Systems, Medical Network Security and Ethical Hacking.
    Network+ – The Marcraft Network+ program is supported with a comprehensive and extensively illustrated theory and hands-on lab curriculum. Prepares students to pass the CompTIA Net+ Exam and begin a career in networking. Includes a complete instructor support package.
  • GreenSTEM – There are four different lesson levels within the GreenSTEM renewable energy and energy efficiency program. These include Introductory, Advanced, Comprehensive and the newly added, SCADA. (supervisory controls and data acquisition applications).
    • Introductory – The Marcraft GreenSTEM Introductory program incorporates and reinforces key Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts and principles. The programs offered within the the Introductory level are Generating Clean Electrons, Sustainable Conservation and Green Electronics.
    • Advanced – Within the Advanced level of the GreenSTEM programs is the Marcraft RE & EE Program. Students also have the option to prepare for individual industry-level certifications in Solar PV, Wind Power and Energy Auditing, as well one of the Alternative Energy Integrator Exams. There are multiple programs offered within the Advanced level including Solar Photovoltaic Installer Certification, Wind Turbine Installer Certification, Fuel Cell Technician Training, Hydro-Power Technician Training and many more.
    • Comprehensive – The comprehensive level of the Green Technology Program aims to teach its users about the most promising technologies in the field, especially the ones that are generating demand for workers skilled in these areas. A few of the key concepts and practical application guidelines offered are for Solar Power design and installation, Biofuels (ethanol and biodiesel) and Biomass, Green Building Concepts, Transportation Issues and Environmental Compliance and Monitoring.
    • SCADA – The newly added SCADA (Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition Applications) has been added to many of the advanced level Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency panels allowing users to control and monitor the panel from a remote computer. Linked to the SCADA-Pro by USB, multiple sensors can provide instant data to the software. The SCADA-Pro is also adaptable to other systems with the right sensors.
  • Computer Repair – The PC trainer includes engineered software and hardware faults and professional diagnostic software supported with a comprehensive and extensively illustrated theory and hands-on lab curriculum. Prepare students to pass the CompTIA A+ Exam. Includes a complete instructor support package.
  • RESI – The Residential Electronics System Integrator (RESI) Certification Program will teach students to understand and professionally install today’s smart home components. Teachers will guide them through Marcraft’s hands-on RESI program and on to certification. Students will become proficient in home theater and telecommunications equipment interconnection as well as many other skills.
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