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Manufacturer Overview

For 40 years the Lucas-Nuelle company has stood for the development, manufacture and marketing of high-quality, state-of-the-art training systems and education equipment for further and advanced technical, engineering and vocational education. In addition to course offerings covering a wide range of basic theoretical material, project-oriented and didactic training receives special focus.

Product Overview

  • Building Management systems – Building management cover all aspects of advanced modern wiring installation. Nowadays, more and more things are being automated, therefore it is important to teach the fundamentals of building management systems. Lucas-Nuelle’s building management system training course conveys basic knowledge and some small-scale applications can then be implemented.
  • Electrical Power engineering – Lucas-Nuelle offers a variety of different training systems on the generation, distribution and management of electrical energy. Some of those systems include power engineering training systems, distribution training systems, transformer training system and more. All systems have been designed in anticipation of the newest developments!
  • Renewable Energy – Throughout the world well-qualified technicians and engineers are being sought after to help keep this trend moving forward. Today, technologies are undergoing rapid change. This trend is being compounded by rising expectations in training and education. Lucas-Nuelle has developed the appropriate training systems needed to cope with the ever more complex world of training and education.
  • Power Electronics and Drives – Because Lucas-Nuelle is a strong partner in the industry, their power electronics, electrical machines and drive technology trainer systems are guaranteed to be closely modelled to actual practice. Lucas-Nuelle offers equipment and systems for vocational qualifications and engineering education on electrical machines, power electronics and drive technology. With these are offered complete machine labs, and electrical machine labs.
  • Electrical Machines – Lucas-Nuelle offers UniTrain-I, multimedia courses on electrical machines that encompass the entire spectrum of electrical machines. The motors are characterised by their open, accessible stators. These are built onto experiment cards and thus allow a detailed view of the internal design of electrical machines.Students taking the course are familiarised with the physical principles, the operation, properties and basic circuitry for various machines.
  • Electronics – Lucas-Nuelle offers fundamental coursework for electrical engineering and electronics. Comprehensive education in the fundamentals of electrical engineering is essential to the understanding of more complex relationships in the various applied sectors in both electrical engineering and electronics. The freedom to experiment is backed up by formal experiment literature and the use of safety extra-low voltage means that the system is even safe for complete laymen. It leads to in-depth knowledge and eventually to the kind of practical skills that form an essential basis for further education and training.
  • Telecommunications – The field of communications is rapidly changing and it is important to equip students with training systems that keep up with these developments. The training systems for communications technology (communications trainer) encompass topics from the area of high-frequency communications (airborne and wire-conducted signals), network technology and telecommunications.
  • Process Control – Because Lucas-Nuelle is partnered with industry leaders, the most modern automation technology has been provided to be modified for teaching purposes and adapted for the precise requirements of training colleges and educational institutions. All of the curriculum requirements are covered regardless of the level of difficulty from the compact basic system version all the way to modular high-end systems with fieldbus interface and decentralised peripherals including operating and monitoring equipment.
  • Pneumatics/Hydraulics – Lucas-Nuelle offers a training system for electropneumatics. UniTrain-I multimedia courses on automation provide knowledge and skills necessary for understanding, controlling, operating and maintaining modern process automation systems. With the aid of animations and numerous practical experiments using realistic systems, the various courses work through the basics, principles and properties of components in automated processes and manufacturing plants (including PLCs, bus systems, pneumatic drives and sensors).
  • HVACR – Lucas-Nuelle has committed itself to reducing the emissions of dangerous chemicals and developed a concept to integrate easily serviceable and effective training systems devoted to this growing sector. Refrigeration and air-conditioning technology is a professional area that builds entirely the latest educational and technical know-how. It is the many years of experience that Lucas-Nuelle has accumulated combining theoretical know-how with practical applications which empowers course participants to boost their skills and competence in this area.
  • Automotive – Automotive technology continues to be a driver of innovation. With our training systems, we help further train technicians and mechanics as well as young trainees who need to become more acquainted with this complex technology. In addition to conventional hands-on training, we have put modern, multimedia-based and interactive elements of training into the foreground.
  • Automation/Mechatronics – Automation technology is becoming ever more important thanks to the rapid developments taking place in industrial process automation. Our training systems equips students for an array of demands that can be found in today’s automation industry. Core subjects offered are safety technology, IMS Industrial mechatronics system, smart factories, robotics and more. Practical and project-oriented skills and expertise will be acquired through our automation, mechatronics, and PLC trainers.
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