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Manufacturer Overview

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions, KUKA offers its customers everything they need from a single source: from the core component – the robot – to cells and fully automated systems. The KUKA brand stands for innovative technology in robot-supported automation of industrial manufacturing processes. Our customer focus and innovation strength have made us the technology leader in our markets.

Product Overview

  • Educational Bundle – For the engineers and skilled specialists of tomorrow, in-depth knowledge of robotics and automation is essential. With the KUKA Education Bundle, you enable students to acquire highly valuable skills at an early stage. It is the ideal addition to theoretical tuition and allows practical robotics training, identical to real applications, in accordance with globally recognized industry standards.
  • KUKA KORE – The KUKA Robotics KORE program offers high schools, technical centers, community colleges and universities the opportunity to incorporate certificate based robot education on KUKA products into their STEM, Advanced Manufacturing and Mechatronics programs. With the KUKA KORE package, students will learn basic robot programing and operation skills on exercise hardware that is similar to what is used in the KUKA College. kuka-kore-logo
  • Machine Tending Robots – The KUKA Robotics KORE Machine Tending Education Cell is designed to be utilized with an EMCO Corporation Concept Turn 260 lathe. This cell allows students to learn in a real world application setting of the experience of applying an industrial robot in a machine tending application. The KORE machine tending cell allows students to learn the key aspects of how to interface an industrial robot with a machining center
  • Kuka Robotic Welder – With the KUKA Robotic Welder, students will learn how to program an industrial robot in an arc welding application and interface with a Miller Electric Continuum power supply. A KUKA certification is offered with this welder that will give users a real world robotics arc welding certification based education experience on KUKA products in a welding environment.
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