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Intelli-ARC 3052 Mobile Welding Assessment Center

The Intelli-ARC 3052 is a Mobile Welding Assessment Center design to help instructors train students to be more consistent and efficient welders. The unit is specifically designed for a welding training environment. The center is 52”x 30” with a 6” high back and side. The 24”W Cabinet has both a drawer and door for easy access. The cabinet is vented and has filters which allow the Intelli-ARC Controller to not over heat while filtering the normal dust and debris that is produced in a welding lab environment. The 20+ inch monitor is attached to the center and swivels for easy of use by an instructor in a lab environment. This monitor is enclosed in and environmentally friendly monitor case which is also filtered and again protects the monitor from normal dust and debris of a welding lab. The center has a retractable power cord and outlet strip allowing for ease of use for the instructor. The Intelli-ARC controller is locked into place with harness system to provide stability to the controller in the cabinet. The center is on 5” heavy duty casters and has a handle to allow an instructor to move the center around the lab. The welding power source is a mulitprocess welder that is capable of Stick, DC TIG, Pulsed DC TIG, MIG, Pulsed MIG, and Flux-Cored. The Welder also has a drive roll kit to handle .035 and .045 solid wire, along with welding gun package that is 15ft. long and designed to handle .035-.045 wire. The Argon Flowmeter regulator and 10ft’ hose is also provided.

The intelligence of the system is contained in the production monitoring software, that allows instructors to see key data for student welds such as Weld Duration Time, Deposited Weight, Deposition Rate, Current Limits (High and Low) and percentages related to current, Voltage Limits (High and Low) and percentages related to Voltage, Wire Feed Speed Limits (High and Low) and percentages related to Wire Feed Speed, and True Energy. The Weld Costing software is a program that allows instructors and students to use data from the production monitoring software so show the cost of a specific welds and or the cost between different welding processes. This allows students to see how changing processes can save money and time on specific welds. The Rubrics Assessment Software allows instructors to assess student performances for task such as but not limited to: Configurations, MIG Processes for 1/8, 3/16, 1/4 inch fillets in both the flat and fixed positions, Flux Cord Processes with same dimensions, and Metal Core process with same dimensions. The Intelli-ARC system also comes standard with a single copy of SolidWorks which allows instructors to load working drawings of parts that he or she may see fit for the students to produce based upon those working drawing. This also allow students to get use to seeing the newest ways in which data / working drawings are being delivered to shop floors today. The Intelli-ARC Menu software is a menu driven software that allows students and instructors very easy access to the programs that they will use on a daily bases. All Software has been loaded on an industrial controller that operates all software for the Intelli-ARC System.

The Intelli-ARC Assessment Center also comes with Welding Gloves, Wire Brush, Welding Helmet, Chipping Hammer, Soap Stone, Tip Cleaner, and a Welding Jacket.


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