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Manufacturer Overview

As a global market leader in the machine tool industry, EMCO offers its customers state-of-the-art modular training concepts which meet the most modern industrial demands. Based on its extensive industrial expertise, EMCO industrial training allows for the smooth transfer of knowledge from theory to actual production.


Product Overviews

  • EMCO Campus – EMCO Campus is a multimedia program that teaches all the basics of modern CNC technology. The cleverly-designed teaching format makes even complex concepts easy to grasp and learn. Interactive dialog features allow the students to progress at their own pace. Views are displayed using attractive 3D and 2D graphics, animations, and videos, sustainably improving the success of the learning process.
  • Concept Turn 60 – The Concept TURN 60 is a PC-controlled 2-axis CNC tabletop turning machine conforming to the industry standard it terms of design and function. Based on the successful CT 55 the new CT 60 offers the user more functionality and an even better performance, in accordance with the demands of ISO23125. All the key processes in modern manufacturing can be illustrated using this device and implemented in a practical and realistic way. With appropriate simplification, clear machine design and ease-of-operation, operators will quickly learn how to use it successfully.
  • Concept Mill 260 – The new Concept Mill 260 combines all benefits of the proven CM 250 with comprehensive improvements in the areas of: Drive technology, optimized technical data, a new Design, drive power of 6,8 kW and a 20-station tool magazine with double-gripper. With the stable and compact construction the Concept Mill 260 fits even in smallest space.
  • Concept Turn 450 – A new dimension of CNC training suitable for industrial purposes. Equipped with a C axis, driven tools and digital drive systems and components, the function and performance of the Concept TURN 450 is in accordance with state-of-the-art industrial machines. Furthermore, with its interchangeable control system WinNC, it is perfectly adapted to the requirements of training situations today.
    CNC Mill 450 – Experience machining without an equal. The Concept MILL 450 is a complete production machine for CNC milling training: with fixed 20-station tool magazine, a rapid twin-arm changer, a 11 kW and 12000 rpm main spindle, 24 m/min rapid speeds and the EMCO WinNC control, the concept of the interchangeable control.
  • Industrial Training Software – EMCO offers industrial training software that precisely and professionally trains users on modern Computerized Numerical Control industry machines. EMCO offers practice-oriented training of users all all standard CNC industry controls on only one machine. Changing to a different control is done by opening the appropriate software and simply exchanging the control-specific keyboard module within one minute.
  • Concept Mill 55 – Concept Mill 55 is a PC-controlled 3-axis Milling Machine for universal CNC Training. It can withstand up to 9 CNC controls on one machine applicable, has an infinitely adjustable main drive with an automatic 8 station tool turret. It’s robotic interface makes it capable for FFS/CIM system integration.
    Concept TURN 260 – As a systematic advancement of the CT250, the CT260 convinces by its extreme solid machinebed, a thermosymmetric spindlehead, precision spindle bearing, preloaded roller guides in all axes and a fast tool turret. The interchangeable control EMCO WinNC for all current industrial controls completes the machine.
  • CAMConcept – CAMConcept is innovative software for complete CAD/CAM and CNC training, from design to manufacture. CAMConcept incorporates both the functions of a professional CAD/CAM system and the advantages of a special training program for machining technology. All core CAD program functions are available.
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