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BOY Machines

Manufacturer Overview

For more than 40 years BOY Machines, Inc. have been the specialist for small injection molding machines from micro injection molding up to a clamping force of 110 tons. BOY’s machines are ideal for teaching the technologies of injection molding. This is due to their affordability and their small footprint, making them the most economic solutions for the educational industry.

Product Overview

  • BOY XS – This machine type is ideally suited for the use of flexible and efficient single-cavity molds instead of large, complicated and delicate types. The mold concept for the BOY XS is to use a fixed mold base with interchangeable inserts that can be changed in no time at all. When you consider energy consumption and applications, the BOY XS is impressively flexible especially with sprueless injection molding.
  • BOY 22 A – This machine offers the utmost reliability and extremely low machine hour rates. The very compact injection molding machine (only 4,223 in2 footprint) features a cantilevered clamping unit which offers easy access and room for individual options or automated systems. The construction is simple, clear, and ergonomical. Two different size injection units with six different screw diameters offer a wide range of individual equipment options.
  • BOY 25 E – This machine is characterized by highest precision and reliability. With a footprint of 2,805 in², the extremely compact injection molding machine is simple, clear and economically designed. The cantilevered clamping unit features easy access and room for numerous options including automated systems. Six different sizes of injection units combined with seven different screw diameters offer a wide range of individual equipment options.
  • BOY 35 E – The BOY 35 E is a four-tie bar, fully hydraulic reciprocating-screw injection molding machine with two-platen clamping unit. With its rigid clamping system and the high efficiency of the injection unit, the well-proven injection molding machine is ideally suited for the production of precision parts within a narrow tolerance range.
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