Applied Educational Systems

Applied Educational Systems (AES) is a progressive leader in the development of curricula that meets the total needs of today’s students and educators. AES curricula utilizes integrated systems for learning that combine robust software and hardware tools with outstanding support materials. Their comprehensive programs address the many challenges encountered by educators and empower students with the latest instructional strategies. With Applied Educational Systems you can:

  • Improve time management
    Course materials and management tools are at your fingertips.
  • Assure top quality
    Educators praise their superior curricula.
  • Increase effectiveness
    Hands-on course materials are combined with effective assessment instruments.
  • Develop professionally
    AES offers ongoing professional development opportunities.
  • Customize specific needs
    Customization options provide maximum curriculum flexibility and evolution.

From their humble beginnings in 1987 to their current 26,000 square-foot building in Lititz, Pennsylvania, AES has seen continual growth from the time of its inception. With products installed in thousands of classrooms worldwide, they recognize the unique opportunity educators have in shaping students’ lives and futures. They pledge to continue supporting your efforts by creating unique, technology-based systems. With Southern Educational Systems at their side, they stand ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow!


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  • AES Overview – Applied Education Systems provides blended learning curriculum resources for Health Science, Business, and Computer Application educators.  AES improves CTE courses by increasing student engagement and saving time.  Their goal is to provide resources to students in order to prepare them with the skills needed to succeed in their careers.

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BusinessCenter21 – The Business&ITCenter21 is a library of over 500 multimedia lessons, quizzes, and projects designed to engage students, build career interests, and save teachers times. The curriculum offered is continually updated, standards based and textbook-free. The time saving automatic grading results in more one-on-one time with students.

HealthCenter21– HealthCenter21 is a library of health science curriculum and allied health resources. It contains more than 1,700 multimedia lessons, quizzes and projects designed to engage students, lead to certification, and save teachers time. Students will be armed with the most up-to-date and standards-compliant material, and teachers will be able to work closely alongside them to help them achieve their individual goals.

CareerCenter21– CareerCenter21 is a library of over 400 multimedia lessons, quizzes, and projects designed to engage students, teach soft skills, and save teachers time. This curriculum aims to prepare students to effectively function in the real working world. Skills learned include soft skills, customer service skills and life skills.

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Computer Applications Curriculum – The Computer Applications curriculum is a library of multimedia lessons, quizzes, and projects designed to engage students, lead to Microsoft Office certification, and save teachers time. Students will be exposed and lessoned in the Microsoft Office suite and will be taught to become good digital citizens.