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Manufacturer Overview

Airwolf’s goal and mission is simple: “make and sell a superior desktop 3D printer.” They pride themselves on designing printers that are not only accurate, but also capable of incredibly fast print speeds. These printers allow for exploration of your inner creativity in the form of three-dimensional models to an extent not previously thought possible. With focus on affordable, durable, and easy to use products, Airwolf leads the way in 3D printing technology.

Product Overview

Axiom Dual Extruder 3D Printer: The Axiom Dual Extruder 3D Printer offers high resolution, speed, and Ease-of-Use. The enclosed print chamber provides a stable environment which minimizes the incidence of warpage for quality printing. The End-User Replacement Cassette, easy feed, Core XY, and auto leveling components allow for convenient 3D printing.

AW3D Axiom 3D Printer: The Axiom 3D Printer includes all of Airwolf’s 3D printing components that provide usability like the End-User Replacement Cassette, easy feed, Core XY, and auto leveling components. In addition to these qualities, the Axiom 3D Printer is equipped with JrX, which is a new clog resistant hot end. Because it can reach such high temperatures, the Axiom can print in 40+ materials. Its 1000 in³ build volume and 40 microns minimum layer height allow for the creation of large, functional products while maintaining detail.

AW3D Axiome 3D Printer: The Axiome 3D Printer provides optimal print quality, especially when applied to large prints. With a 1000 in³ build volume this printer is equipped to print large, functional products while maintaining detail. AXIOMe is capable of printing in many thermoplastic materials including PLA and TPU.

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