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Air Purification

Manufacturer Overview

Air Purification provides clean air to industries and technical educational facilities in the Southeastern United States. They are the largest supplier of air pollution control equipment and filters in the United States. Air Purification is aligned with the country’s premier industrial air filtration manufacturers and works with them directly to supply the best possible air filtration products at very competitive prices.

Product Overviews

  • Fume Extractors – Portable fume extractors serve as solutions for welding fume control, soldering, solvent and epoxy fume control, chemical fume extraction, light grinding, and other applications that involve dust and chemical fumes.
  • Dust Collection – Air Purification Inc. offers dust collector systems for all kinds industrial air cleaning and industrial air filtering applications, including grinding dust, shot blast dust, cement and fly ash dust, wood dust, ceramic dust, sanding dust, rubber dust and mineral dust.
Air Purification
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